Baxi POS Daily Target (Latest Target)

Baxi POS, also known as Baxi Box, is managed by Capricorn Digital Limited. Just like other POS terminal, Baxi POS machine can be used to perform different kinds of financial transactions, such as fund transfer, cash withdrawals, bill payments, airtime purchases, cable subscriptions, etc. The machine can be used for POS business or for receiving payments from customers in an establishment.

In this comprehensive guide, we shall be discussing the Baxi POS daily target, their charges and commissions, and other related aspects of this topic. At the end of our discussion, you will be able to know the Baxi POS charges and whether they have a daily target or not.

Baxi POS Daily Target

Unlike some POS machines that have a daily target, the Baxi POS machine doesn’t have a daily target. This means that if you’re using the terminal for POS business or you’re using it to receive payment from your customer, you will not need to bother yourself about meeting a minimum daily transaction target since they don’t have one.

So, if you’re using a Baxi POS machine for your business, you are going to have peace of mind since you’re not under pressure to meet a certain target or minimum transaction limit. 

What are the charges of Baxi POS?

When you use Baxi POS to carry out transactions, you will be charged different commissions depending on the type of transaction you carry out. Some of the Baxi POS charges and commissions are summarized in the table below:

S/NTransaction TypeCharges/Commission
1.MTN Ttop-up (data and airtime)1.6%
2.Bill payment1.2%
3.Cable subscription1.4%
4.Cash deposit₦ 30 flat rate
5.Cash transfer (above N20k)₦ 100 flat rate
6.Airtel data top-up1.76%
7.9Mobile data top-up2.8%
8.Cash transfer (below N20k)0.55%
9.Glo data top-up2.8%

Baxi POS Customer Care Number

For questions, inquiries, or assistance, you can reach out to the Baxi POS customer care unit through these channels:

Call: 01-7008571

Whatsapp:  09080532234

What is the daily limit for Baxi?

The maximum daily transaction limit that you can carry out on the Baxi platform is N1, 000,000. However, this limit is only available for Baxi Pro. So, if you’re not a Baxi Pro, your daily transaction limit will not be up to such an amount.

Meanwhile, if you want to become Baxi Pro, you will need some necessary documents, like valid means of identification, a guarantor and agent passport, BVN, CDL agreement form, etc.

Does Baxi POS have a daily target?

No, Baxi POS doesn’t have a daily target. So, if you are using the POS terminal for your business, you don’t really need to bother yourself about meeting any daily minimum transaction limit. Hence, with the Baxi POS machine, you’re going to have peace of mind since there is no pressure of any sort.

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