How to Easily Get NowNow POS Machine

NowNow is an online financial service provider that allows its users to carry out  different financial transactions like cash withdrawal, fund transfers, bill payments, cable subscriptions, airtime purchases, etc. They also give POS machines to businesses and individuals who request them.

Getting a NowNow POS machine is not difficult since there are different means through which you can get yours, either by visiting their office or by messaging them via their email address. You can decide to purchase the terminal or lease it, depending on your financial strength. However, when you get the POS machine on lease, it can be retrieved from you whenever you fail to meet their terms, but when you purchase it, it becomes yours permanently.

Basic Features of NowNow POS Machine

How to Get NowNow POS Machine

The features of NowNow POS machine are outlined below

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund transfer
  • Pinter enabled
  • Multiple transactions, etc.

Requirements for Getting NowNow POS Machine

If you want to use the NowNow POS terminal for your POS business or to receive payments from your customers, there are some requirements that you must meet before you can become a NowNow POS agent. The criteria are outlined below:

  • You must have a functional smartphone to access the NowNow mobile app.
  • You must deposit at least N10,000 in your NowNow wallet for transactions.
  • Ability to read, write, and comprehend what you read.
  • Valid means of identification, such as Voter’s card, National ID card, Driver’s license, etc.
  • You must have a business outlet, or better yet, a shop.
  • Utility bill receipts such as NEPA bill, LAWMA, etc. are required for address verification.
  • Bank account statement with a BVN.
  • A recent passport photograph

How to Get NowNow POS Machine

Getting a NowNow POS machine is not a difficult task. All you need to do is visit any of their local offices nearest to you and request the POS machine.

Alternatively, you can message them at this email address,, or you can also fill out the agent onboarding form through this link in the POS form.

Now Now POS Price

You can decide to buy the POS terminal or lease it for your business. If you want an outright purchase of the NowNwo POS machine, you are going to pay the sum of N60,000, and the terminal will become yours permanently. 

However, if you want to lease the terminal as an agent, you’re going to pay a refundable caution fee of N20,000, but NowNow will retrieve the machine from you if you don’t meet their terms. Hence, it is best to buy the terminal if you have the money.

Now Now POS Charges and Commission

NowNow charges 0.5% when you make withdrawals that are below N20,000 with their POS terminal. However, they charge a flat rate of N100 when you make cash withdrawals that are above N20,000.

For transfers, NowNow charges a N20 flat rate when you transfer any amount of money with their POS machine.

For airtime, NowNow will give you 5% cashback when you use their terminal to recharge airtime. Also, you are going to get certain percentage as a commission when you use the POS 

for cable subscriptions and bill payments.

NowNow Customer Care Support

If you have issues getting the NowNow POS machine, it is best to reach out to their customer care unit for assistance. You can contact their customer care representative through these channels:

Call: +234 0700-066-9669


Office address: Plot: 239/241 Ikorodu Road, By Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.


Getting a POS terminal on the NowNow platform is pretty simple and straightforward. You can get yours by visiting any of their local offices nearest to you or by messaging them at their email address. However, if you encounter any challenges when applying for the POS machine, do not hesitate to reach out to their customer care unit for possible guidance and necessary assistance.

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