Kudi POS Daily Target (Latest Target)

Kudi, now Nomba, is an online financial service provider that offers electronic banking and other financial services to its users. Just like other fintech companies, Kudi gives out its POS machine to individuals and businesses that request it. The Kudi POS terminal can be used for POS business or receiving payments from customers for those using it at their establishment.

The Kudi POS is multifunctional in nature since it can be used to carry out different types of transactions, like withdrawals, fund transfers, bill payments, cable subscriptions, data, and airtime top-ups, among other transactions. So, if you’re using the Kudi POS terminal for your business, it is important to know their daily target, if any. Hence, this comprehensive guide is designed to keep you informed.

Kudi POS daily target

Kudi POS Daily Target

Kudi/Nomba POS doesn’t have a daily target. So, users of this POS terminal machine are not under pressure to meet a minimum daily transaction limit.

However, it is important for you to use the POS machine actively to perform more transactions since your commission is dependent on the number of transactions you perform daily. The more transactions you carry out daily, the higher your commission, and vice versa.

Kudi POS Daily Target Withdrawal Charges

The Kudi POS charges for withdrawal are not fixed; they are dependent on the amount that you want to withdraw from the terminal.

  • For withdrawals ranging from N25,001 to N500,000, the charge is N150.
  • For withdrawals ranging from N4,501 to N25,000, the charge is 0.6% of the amount.
  • For withdrawals ranging from N100 to N4,500, the charge is N25.

However, it is important to note that these withdrawal charges are subject to changes in line with Kudi’s policies. Please be guided!

Kudi POS Daily Target Price

Fortunately, Kudi POS doesn’t have a daily target. So, if you’re using their POS terminal either  for POS business or receiving payments from customers, you may need to worry yourself about meeting the minimum daily transaction limit since it is not applicable.

Does Kudi POS have a target?

No, Kudi POS doesn’t have a daily target. Unlike other POS terminals that put their users under pressure to meet a daily target, Kudi POS is not like that; it allows users to have peace of mind while carrying out their daily transactions.

What is the new name for Kudi POS?

The new name for Kudi POS is Nomba. Recently, Kudi changed its name to Nomba. Hence, all the transactions with Kudi’s trademark have automatically changed to Nomba, and the POS machine is not an exemption.

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