Moniepoint POS Daily Target (Latest Target)

Moniepoint is one of the popular fintech companies in Nigeria that offers different kinds of financial services to their users, including giving out POS machines to individuals and businesses. The Moniepoint POS machine is widely used in most parts of the country to carry out financial transactions ranging from cash withdrawals, fund transfers, and bill payments. 

Although there are POS machines that don’t have daily transaction targets, the Moniepoint POS machine has a daily transaction target that their users must meet to enable them to continue to use the machine.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that the money you paid when you applied for the Moniepoint POS machine is for logistics and caution fees; hence, the POS machine doesn’t belong to you; Moniepoint just leased it to you so they can retrieve it from you if you don’t meet their daily target.

Moniepoint POS Daily Target

Moniepoint POS Daily Target

The Moniepoint POS daily target is pegged at N80,000. This simply means that if you’re using a Moniepoint POS machine, you’re expected to perform a minimum daily transaction of N80,000.

If, at the end of each day, you don’t meet their daily target consecutively over a period of time, Moniepoint will collect their POS machine from you. 

As we noted in the introduction, you didn’t buy the POS machine; rather, it was leased to you. So, ensure that you meet their daily target to enable you to continuously use the terminal.

How much is the Moniepoint Daily Limit?

The Moniepoint POS daily target is N80,000. So, if you’re using the terminal for POS business or you’re collecting payments from your customers, you’re expected to carry out aggregate transactions that are worth at least N80,000 on a daily basis.

Tips on How to Meet Moniepoint Daily Target with Ease

Since failure to meet the Moniepoint POS daily target leads to losing the terminal to the company, it is important to figure out ways that you can use to increase your daily transactions. 

Some of the ways to increase your Moniepoint POS daily transaction limit are:

  • Ensure that your price is competitive for those who patronize you.
  • Ensure that your POS center or business is located in a strategic area.
  • You can offer discounts for returning customers.
  • Offer customer service when necessary.

What Happens if Moniepoint Retrieves their POS Machine?

If you don’t meet the Moniepoint POS daily target overtime, it will be retrieved from you. Once Moniepoint collects the POS terminal from you, they’ll refund 50% of the money you spent when you applied for the terminal.

Let’s assume you spent N20,000 when you applied for the POS machine. Moniepoint will refund you N10,000 when they collect the machine from you.

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