Top 7 Buy Now Pay Later Platforms In The USA

The world of online shopping has witnessed a revolutionary payment method that has transformed the way consumers shop. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services have gained immense popularity in the USA, offering shoppers the flexibility to make purchases without paying the entire amount upfront. In this article, we will explore different BNPL apps including their mode of operation, merits and demerits, and other vital information that will guide you when using any of the platforms. 

What Is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now, Pay Later is a financial solution that enables consumers to purchase products and services immediately and pay for them over time in installments. It eliminates the need to pay the full amount upfront, making high-ticket purchases more affordable and accessible to a wider audience. BNPL platforms partner with retailers to provide customers with the option to split their payments into equal installments, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Buy Now Pay Later Platforms In The USA.

There are numerous buy now, pay later apps in the USA, but in this article we have itemized the ones with flexible features ranging from Affirm to Klarna, let’s go through it together.   

1. Affirm

Affirm is a popular platform that offers buy now pay later services. The company was established in 2012, it is located in San Francisco, California. For the past decade, the company has served more than 12 million customers and is still counting. In Affirm, customers can buy products that are worth up to $17,500. The repayment term ranges from 3 to 12 months though in some instances the repayment plan may be longer than that.

The annual percentage rate(interest rate) for Affirm ranges from 0% to 36%. However, there are no hidden or additional charges like late repayment fees for Affirm loans hence most people opt for their services because it is flexible and that is why it is judged the best buy now pay later platform. It has five stars rating in the review platforms. However, Affirm may run a soft credit check on your credit report to ascertain your creditworthiness before they can allow you to use their services.

Advantages Of  Using Affirm

  • There is no late fee attached.
  • You have the choice to make purchases either in-store or online.
  • It has a flexible repayment plan.
  • You can buy products worth up to $17,500.

Disadvantages Of Using Affirm 

  • Some of their transactions may incur.
  • They may run a credit check on your credit report.
  • Customers are not entitled to a physical credit card.


Sezzle is a popular company that operates in different countries of the world like the United States, Germany, Canada etc. The company is based in  Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has a big customer base with over 3.4 million customers, it also has over 45,000 retailers across different countries of the globe.

At Sezzle, the exact amount of your purchases will be split into four equal parts but you will be required to make a 25% down payment first. The remaining unpaid amount will be paid bi-weekly. Meanwhile, if you have issues with making your payment, Sezzle will allow you to defer your payment to two weeks later. Because of its flexibility, some customers opt for their services. Meanwhile, it is important to note that each rescheduling apart from the initial reschedule comes with extra charges. It is also worthy of note that the Sezzle credit limit is not fixed and they may run a soft credit check on your credit report to determine your creditworthiness.

Advantages Of Using Sezzle

  • It is flexible hence customers can reschedule their repayment date.
  • The first scheduled date for each order is absolutely free.
  • They don’t attach interest on their purchases.

Disadvantages Of Using Sezzle

  • Additional reschedule incurs extra charges.
  • If you fail to select an option, additional payments will be scheduled for you.
  • You are expected to make a 25% down payment of your purchases.

3. Afterpay

After is an Australian company that was established in 2014 but it operates in different countries of the world ranging from Australia, United States, United Kingdom,Canada, E.U, Zealand etc. Currently, the company has over 20 million active customers worldwide with over 144,000 retailers which gives customers multiple shopping choices. 

Afterpay is suitable for most students because of its mode of operation because you can just search for their participating stores online or in person to buy your products without interest so far you are able to make all scheduled payments as agreed. The process is seamless and pretty simple.

If you wish to use Afterpay online, it is very simple just do this:

  1. Login to your Afterpay account through the mobile app.
  2. Select the products you want to buy and add it to your cart.
  3. After logging in, enter the virtual card number to your mobile wallet.
  4. Click on the mobile wallet button to pay.
  5. Once you click on pay, you will be required to make a 25% down payment of the entire purchase.
  6. If your payment is successful, your order will be shipped to you and you will receive your goods.


  • Afterpay credit limits normally starts from $500
  • The platform normally runs a soft credit check on your credit report but there is no minimum credit store.
  • Your repayment plan will be split into four equal parts.

Advantages Of Using Afterpay

  • It has a virtual card in the app.
  • Once you pay on the scheduled date, there are no fees attached.
  • The platform sends reminders to you so that you won’t miss a payment.
  • Afterpay has good credit limits which will help you to stay under your budget.

Disadvantages Of Using Afterpay

  • Afterpay charges late fees of up to 25% of your order amount.
  • Your order may be declined.
  • Each product you buy must be approved by Afterpay.

4. Splitit

Splitit which was founded in 2012 is a popular company situated in New York City. In their efforts towards ensuring that they meet the needs of their customers, the company has partnered with big names like WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Big Commerce etc. Splitit is designed such that customers can get different rewards on their purchases by using different cards like  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Union Pay credit cards. Interestingly, Splitit doesn’t charge interest or late fees. However, the credit card company will charge you some fees when you use their services.

If you wish to use Splitit as a payment option, just choose it at checkout, then select the installment repayment plan that will be used to deduct the remaining unpaid amount. After that, put their credit card details(there is no credit check). The repayment will be spread between three to twenty-four months depending on what you opt for.

Advantages Of Using Splitit

  • Credit check is not required.
  • You are allowed to use your existing credit card limits.

Disadvantages Of Using Splitit 

  • Your credit card must have a good balance.
  • You can’t build your credit beyond normal credit card use.
  • In some cases, it is not usually available with Amex cards.

5. Perpay

Perpay is a public company brand that is located  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since its inception in 2014, the company has continued to expand beyond the nukes and crannies of the United States. According to Inc. Magazine in 2019, they described Perpay as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Currently, the company has more than 5 million active customers with over 1,000 renowned brands in the marketplace. Its mode of operation is user-friendly because it helps customers with bad credit to boost their credit score with ease. In fact, just with one-time payment, customers can boost their credit score by 39 points.

To use Perpay is not difficult, once a customer completes his/her Perpay profile, they easily access their shopping limit and commence purchases within a few minutes of joining. However, for your items to be shipped to your destination, you must have made your first payment which is normally your next payday. Interestingly, unlike other buy now pay later platforms that splits your repayment into four installments, Perpay allows you to choose the repayment plan that is comfortable for you with the frequency that is suitable for you.

However, the repayments are made via the direct deposit from your payroll(normally on payday from your paycheck). They don’t accept other forms of payments except you wish to make additional payments. Perpay spending limits are not fixed, it varies and they don’t use credit history to determine your purchasing limit.

Advantages Of Using Perpay

  • It helps customers to build credit scores.
  • There is no credit check.
  • Customers’ spending limit is determined by their current income.

Disadvantages Of Using Perpay

  • Product shipping is delayed until after down payment.
  • All the payments must be made via payroll direct deposit.
  • All the shopping is limited to Perpay’s marketplace.

6. Paypal

PayPal is a digital peer-to-peer payment processing platform that has been in operation for years now. Currently, it has expanded its services to in-store use; hence, customers can use it for both online and offline purchases. Interestingly, their buy now, pay later offer, which is nicknamed. ’’Pay in 4’’ is now available in millions of retail outlets such as Target, Best Buy, Nike, etc. PayPay is a perfect choice when you want to make small purchases ranging from $30 to $1,500.

However, to use PayPal, customers must have a functional PayPal account with a positive account balance. If you don’t have one, you may have to open one during your shopping, which will be connected to your bank account, credit card, or debit card. Once you have the account, after shopping during checkout, choose Pay in 4 with PayPal, and you will receive feedback within a few minutes. PayPal will run a credit check on your credit report to determine your creditworthiness.

If your purchase is approved, you will be required to make a first payment and the remaining unpaid balance will be deducted from your linked account bi-weekly.

Advantages Of Using PayPal

  • It is suitable for small purchases.
  • It has no interest or additional charges.
  • PayPal is a popular brand name that is vast.

Disadvantages Of Using PayPal

  • Each shopping needs an approval decision.
  • PayPal is not available in all the 50 states in the U.S.
  • The highest purchasing amount is pegged at $1,500

7. Klarna

Klarna is a Sweden public brand company that was established in 2005. For the past decade, the company has continued to expand its operation to other countries like the United States and Europe. Currently, it has over 147 million users with over 400,000 retailing outlets across forty five different countries of the world. Klarna is accepted by evers store that uses credit cards as means of payment. Interestingly, Klarna doesn’t affect your credit score when you opt for the pay in 4 option.

To use Klarna, all you have to do is that at checkout, you’ll create a virtual card in the Klarna app and use the code that you will generate to complete your purchase. You will have the option of splitting your payment into four installment but the first payment will be made outrightly at checkout. However, the remaining unpaid amount will be made bi-weekly. Interestingly, Klarna doesn’t charge interest or additional fees if you keep to the repayment terms. They also have an option where customers will have to repay their financing within two years but the downside of that option is that it comes with charges like interest. In all, the Klarna credit limit is not fixed but they will determine your creditworthiness by running a credit check on your credit report.

Advantages Of Using Klarna

  • It has a virtual card.
  • There are no interest fees for pay in 4 options.
  • They have a loyalty reward program for their customers.

Disadvantages Of Using Klarna

  • There is a credit check.
  • All of the purchases must be approved by Klarna.

Summary Of The Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

CompanyInterest RateInstallmentsTermsAmount Due At CheckoutLate FeesSuitable For
Affirm0% – 36%Not fixedNot fixedNoneAll kind of purchases
Sezzle0%425%NoneFlexible repayment plan
Splitit0%3 – 24 monthsNot fixedNoneNo Credit check
Perpay0%Not fixedNot fixedNoneBuilding credit score
PayPal0%425%NoneSmall purchases
Klarna0% 28.99%Up to 24 months Not fixedNot fixedBig purchases


Buy Now Pay Later apps in the USA offer consumers convenient financing options, revolutionizing the way online purchases are made. These apps cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether users seek flexibility in repayment terms, interest-free options, or seamless integration with popular online retailers, these apps provide a range of features and benefits. By exploring and utilizing these BNPL apps, consumers can enjoy the convenience of deferred payments while making informed purchasing decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping.

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